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Why We Won't Have Another Sale

While everyone is prepping their store windows, ‘no returns’ signs by the cash registers, and coupon codes for 70% off (select items), we’ll be over here all like “Nope.”

You may have seen this before. You find a brand that you absolutely adore but their products never go on sale. You still buy some of their stuff, but you don’t find yourself rampaging through their aisles, ripping a steam cooker out of a little girl’s trembling hands (even if it was a prank, it's not too far from reality).

Well, MagneTree’s first holiday season was not void of flashy sales. We had a promo calendar, coupon codes, e-mail blasts, and social media posts. We definitely added to the noise.

But personally I found myself in the strange position of both merchant and buyer, both thrifty mom and salesperson. Every time I got an e-mail offer for 70% off cute toddler clothes or saw a post on facebook for a flash Amazon sale on the latest toy I was met with a moral divide. I wanted to shout from the rooftops “Shop local! Support small businesses! Hey, look at me, I made something you’ll love even though it’s not on clearance sale!” But at the same time I was really tempted to buy a few of those majorly discounted products myself. So I took the bait, I clicked a few links and browsed some clearance sections. Soon I found myself at an online checkout with a cart full of things I don’t think I would have bought if they were full price.

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That’s when I realized that my desire to buy something on sale was much like my desire to feed my toddler spaghetti for dinner. It was cheap & a quick fix, and I always regretted it.

I stopped myself from buying the unwanted, discounted crap that the store was just trying to get rid of. And instead I headed to one of my fellow small biz owners and found something I actually loved. It wasn’t 99.99% off, and I valued every penny I spent on it.

So while we’ll never say never, we’re definitely saying “Nope.” for now.

Happy Holidays little (& big) readers!


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    Loved this article! Really made me think. Thanks for sharing

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