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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Parents / Entrepreneurs


I’ve never been too big into the resolutions part of New Year’s Eve. “I will never drink that much again” was pretty much the whole plan and a yearly favourite. But since having Lenny and starting a company things have slowed down a bit. So as I sit down to work with a cup of coffee at 8:15pm I decided to write out a short, achievable list of resolutions that apply to both parenthood and running a new business.

  1. Use Your Indoor Voice – I’m not the “you catch more flies with honey” type, but I’ve noticed something about the way I’ve been communicating with both toddlers and adults lately. When my nearly-terrible-two throws a hissy fit in the car or when my cofounder asks me a question that I perceive as “loaded”, I lose my patience. I don’t think for a second that using a calm voice while my toddler throws blocks at my head will resolve the situation. But I do know that when I get frustrated and yell, my anger just snowballs and I’m the one who suffers from that. Being mindful of my voice is a resolution that serves me, because coming down from that just takes too long and too much of a toll on my stress levels.
  2. Document & Develop – As many entrepreneurs know, the best ideas can come at the worst times. As many moms know, you forget shit. A lot. In the words of my very perceptive cofounder, “Mommy brain is the worst disease ever.” For my business I plan to dedicate at least one hour a week to listen to an inspiring podcast, interview, or TED Talk in order to develop what is left of my mommy brain. I’ve been doing this a lot in the last 2 weeks or so and I’ve noticed a nonstop flow of ideas (yes, some are horrible but at least something’s firing off in there). So the other half of that resolution is to document every single idea, even if I hate it the second I write it down. I’ve also recently noticed I have about 38 million pictures of my kid and I haven’t even printed my wedding album yet. I need to dedicate an hour a week to these memories because soon I’ll find myself with a teenager in my house who’s never flipped through his baby photo album and that thought makes me infinitely sad. Since I document every second I’m with him, I need to dedicate an hour a week to setting up photo books or putting up pictures in our new house.
  3. The Grass is the SAME! We’ve all heard of the online mommy wars, and most of us moms will agree that we’ve experienced criticism or judgement from another mom at one point (whether online or in person). I strongly believe that as a mother I open myself up to judgement and criticism by looking at what other people are doing and comparing myself to them. This might not be the case for everyone, but if I’m going to be honest with myself I have to admit that I have silently judged other moms for their choices and that is why I have felt judged. It’s reciprocal, even without one word uttered or one word typed. The same goes for business; I’m not saying it’s bad to look at what other companies are doing, quite the opposite actually. We’ve done a ton of research in our field and we continue to watch what other companies are doing. But what is unhealthy for us as we try to grow our business in scale and creativity is comparing ourselves to them or trying to emulate them. Instead, my resolution is to be inspired by entrepreneurs and moms alike.

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