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Inspire Your Child by Being a Creative Parent

By Louisa Atto, ARTB412.

“I’m bored!”

How many times have you heard that? You’re approached by a child biting back a frown as he or she almost breaks into a whine. You need to find a way to channel his or her energy into something – and fast.

The default answer is: “Why don’t you go and play?” But we all know actions speak louder than words and sometimes a child needs a boost for that extra bit of inspiration. Sure, kids tend to be more naturally curious than their adult counterparts, but sometimes when a child says he or she is bored, they’re really looking to you for inspiration.

So what can be done?

Make them un-bored, of course, with your own creative genius.

Telling your child to “go and play” might be an easy reflex-response, but what we all really want is an engaged child who can find inspiration in the smallest things. A great way to un-bore your children is by showcasing your creativity and sharing it with your kids. Actions speak louder than words, remember?

Not the typical ‘Pinterest-Mom’? Struggling with creativity block (possibly induced by sleep deprivation?) Here are some tips you can use to unlock your creative spirit and inspire a child.

Exercise Their Heads – Read!

One of the easiest ways to activate a child’s imagination is through reading. Let your child explore the inner workings of his or her mind by imagining themselves deep in the heart of one of their favourite adventures. Who says they can’t be the star of their own fantasy novel? Or even a sidekick in a daring chase?

Interactive storytelling is also becoming huge news when it comes to engaging young kids. Children will grow an affinity to stories that they read often and can interact with as well. This is why interacting through story time can be crucial. Customizable stories, like the ones available right here at MagneTree Books, are ideal for allowing a child to dream big. ‘Oh, the places they’ll go!’

The Power of Creation

If you have kids, you have art. Parents worldwide can attest to this in some way, shape, or form. What’s great about this is that kids are inspired by their daily life to create, so helping them have different experiences daily can really bolster their creativity. Seeing their parents create is the easiest way, but for a kid, everything can be a real source of inspiration, so invite your kids out with you, show them the steps to making their favourite food, or simply sing one of their favourite songs with them.

As an added bonus, kids love seeing their efforts appreciated. One small thing you can do to help a child be more creative is to have a place to display their creations, whether it’s a wall in your home or with online platforms such as ARTB412. Show off your child’s work and let them know how much their ability to create is appreciated.

Image credit to ARTB412

Live, Laugh, and Play!

That’s right! The best way you can encourage your child to be creative is by playing. And this is far beyond telling him or her to “go and play”, but by sitting at the table and engulfing yourself in their imaginative world. Play pretend and let your child be the heroine. Use different voices and encourage outdoor play as well.

Kids love to play make-believe and parents can join in by encouraging their imaginative scenarios. It all begins with that little push to unlock doors and worlds within your child’s mind. After all, we’ve all had a bit of experience with the “the floor is made of lava” game.

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Creativity doesn’t stop at a certain age. Keeping a child’s creative juices flowing might mean a bit of extra work on the parent’s part, but when the rewards are much greater, everyone wins.

About the Author

Louisa is a strong believer in supporting the arts from a young age. As an artist herself, she believes that not only is art a great form of self-expression, it is also important for developing young minds. She works with Caprice and the team at ARTB412, helping kids change the world through the power of art.

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