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Creating a Product in 5 Steps

We were recently asked to write a guest blog post for Futurpreneur Canada on our lessons learned from creating our Personalized Kids Books. Here are some of the things we learned to do and not to do over the past year as book producers: We still have a long road ahead and we are *SO* excited with all the new things we have in development right now. Being a creative is harder than they said (oh wait, am I supposed to be a starving artist?) But with the right planning and support you can make unbelievable things happen!  - Josie

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Jumping into the 'Mompreneur' Title

Starting your business can be exhilarating and terrifying. Starting a business, when you're 30, when you have a babe on your hip tends to be a little bit more of the latter. And yet so many of us women do it. We take risks, spend hours away from our little munchkins and lean heavily on the help of our partners, family and friends. But at the end of the day, if you want something that is all your own - it is *so* worth it.  In Mamas & Co. I found a home full of other moms/entrepreneurs that kick ass at business and life. For me, it's not about "work-life balance"; it's about the crazy, messy and fun (although sometimes...

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Inspire Your Child by Being a Creative Parent

By Louisa Atto, ARTB412. “I’m bored!” How many times have you heard that? You’re approached by a child biting back a frown as he or she almost breaks into a whine. You need to find a way to channel his or her energy into something – and fast. The default answer is: “Why don’t you go and play?” But we all know actions speak louder than words and sometimes a child needs a boost for that extra bit of inspiration. Sure, kids tend to be more naturally curious than their adult counterparts, but sometimes when a child says he or she is bored, they’re really looking to you for inspiration. So what can be done? Make them un-bored, of course,...

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In the Beginning...

I’m often asked how Ronny and I came up with the idea for MagneTree Personalized Kids Books. I tell people about our nephews overseas reciting all of our names before going to bed, as a way to foster familiarity when we are so far apart. Yes, that is how the idea first sparked, but it’s not the reason I am 100% - all in – knee deep – and heart racing towards building this company. The day MagneTree grew from an experiment to a life goal was when my nephew, living on the other side of the world, said my name. From an early age my nephew had been living very far away from us. This, coupled with his (and...

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