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Live Readings

Here at MagneTree we've launched an exciting new service that we just know you'll love! Interactive Reading Parties are designed to support our kids' love of reading, creativity, imagination and the importance of letting kids *tell their own story* and play!
Who: Interactive Reading Parties are best suitable to ages 3-5 and in groups of up to 10 children.
What: 30-60 minutes of fun, hilarious, interactive and engaging storytelling using our Magnetic Personalized Books, props, games, movement and laughter. You bring the readers, we bring the entertainer, storyteller, face painter, and of course the magnets with the readers' family photos on them!
How: We provide you with a link to include in your party invite. All your guests have to do is follow the link and upload a picture or 2 (or 3) of their child and a parent or two. We bring the photo-magnets to the party and give them to the kids to place in the book throughout the reading. 
Where: Anywhere you like! We can come to your home, an event hall, your school/daycare, or even your store!
Why: Because storytelling is everything! Sure, we're biased, but we strongly believe that reading, using your imagination, and writing your own story are crucial to our kids' development. Just one look at a child's face at the moment he/she gets to place themselves or their mommy/daddy in the story and you will be just as convinced as us. (and it's SO fun!!!!)
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